About the Journal

Mission statement:

Journal of Arab Music Research is an international academic journal dedicated to classical, sacred, folk, and popular music representing the peoples and cultures of the Arab world and diaspora. The journal serves as a treffpunkt for engaging in discourse and disseminating research from Ethnomusicology, Music History, Popular Music Studies, Anthropology, Folklore, and allied disciplines relating to composition, performance, teaching, fieldwork, historiography, recording, archiving, and other activities that preserve and promote the turath.


History, fieldwork, theory, pedagogy, organology, performance practice…etc. as they pertain to musical traditions that have arisen within the geographical boundaries of the Arab world (inclusive of the Gulf, Levant, Egypt, North Africa; and exclusive of other Middle-Eastern cultures: Turkey, Iran, Israel, etc.). This would include musical traditions that are not necessarily classified as “Arabic music”–e.g. Berber. It is essential, however, to include the Arab diaspora within the scope of the journal.

Language of publication:

Articles printed in English. Abstracts available in French, German, Arabic, and Spanish.